Nutri Pack

What is Nutri Pack?

Nutri Pack is a blenderized ready-to-use meal that provides consumers with energy, nutrients, and fiber.
Nutri Pack follows the core nutrition principles; from selecting all natural raw ingredients of the best quality and value to using precise and controlled methods to produce product of the highest quality, just like a blenderized meal from the hospital
With our retort pouch packaging and sterilisation processes, sealing and heat sterilising our product completely, Nutri Pack can be kept at room temperature for up to 1 year and a half whilst without losing its nutritional value

Nutri Pack

Who is Nutripack suitable for?

Nutripack is a ready-to-use blenderised meal full of nutrition, providing, energy, nutritional value according to the recommended daily intake (Thailand*)


Protein from the deep sea, rich with Omega 3, which is beneficial for the body


Relieves constipation, Nourishes the heart, Nourishes eyesight, Improves migraines. Prevents anaemia


Nourishes eyesight, Low fat, Low sugar, Reduces blood glucose levels.

Nutri Pack

Components in Nutripack


High protein, Strengthens immunity, Nourishes the brain and nervous system. Reduce risks of cataracts

Soybean Oil

Rich in healthy fats, Improves heart and bone health. Promotes skin health

Rice Bran Oil

Helps control blood glucose levels, Reduce risks of developing diabetes, Strengthens muscles, Nourishes the nervous system and brain

Nutri Pack

How to use Nutripack

1.Shake to ensure homogeneity.

(can be warmed with hot water)

2.Can be connected to the feeding line

(for tube feeding consumers)

3.Can be poured into a container for eating as soup.

(for oral feeding consumers)